Ron Sandoval is a designer who has mastered the world of flora with an ability to transform space into a mythical magical oasis with his refined modern aesthetic. His style borders on austere which has gained him a constant client list who keep coming back and refer him to new clientele.

Growing up and around East Los Angeles with the ever changing music scene inspired his work and his pathos to revolt against the concrete structured world. Sandoval’s list was a golden Who’s who though he won’t name names. He prefers to keep that private.

Sandoval’s L.A. first celebrity florists after Ron Sandoval staked his mark on the Hollywood scene after a late 80’s installation at LACMA garnered him the standout artist with his of the first celebrity florists in the Greater Los Angeles area as the go to Avant-Garde Florist for Movie Studios.

In the Bay Area since 1998 he has established himself as a Visaul Artist and Garden Botox dude.Taking mature gardens and adding a Modern twist. Ron Sandoval is considered a Tender Fern and uses ferns in every design, this product is high maintenance just like the mad man behind the thoughts.